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  1. First and foremost I enjoy doing charity work, the satisfaction of being able to help collect monies to give some-one else quality of life gives you that extra buzz.

    I started banger racing where monies we raised went to schools and charities that needed help, I then set up a Citizen Band club and myself and others walked from Winchester to Mount Snow-don, we walked back through South Wales to raise enough money for an Incubator for Winchester Hospital. We also did a walk around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight again for the Winchester hospital. Red Funnel kindly allowed myself and six others free sailing to help us raise monies that were needed.Throughout my years of collecting even in hard times , people have offered help in all shapes and forms.

    Over the years I have been involved with carnivals and charity collecting, the biggest charity I have been involved with has been Children in Need, this has been the real big starting point of what now is happening most of the year. Most of my holidays I get from my work does get taken by charity work one way or another. As stated I am proud to say I was Pudsey Bear at Heathrow Airport for the B.B.C and decided that I needed my own costume which became The Pink Elephant Children in Need costume.

    I had to get permission from the owner who started car parking at Heathrow Airport, who agreed, It was a pink costume with the head made out of chicken wire to make the trunk firm then dressed with pink material, it became a star over night. After nearly twenty years the head rusted that bad that it was dangerous to use as it would cut my head so finally it was rested, on the very last night I used it for Children in Need, after the show I was walking down the street to my car and a B.B.C camera man stopped me and filmed me and interviewed me asking would I still be carrying on I said I did not know but thought for a few days and came up with Spot the charity bear, which was my design, but paid for by one of my sponsers, of which I will explain later.