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Loss of a great DAD

(January 21, 2013)

I am very sad to announce that while we were collecting for Children in Need, DAD became rather unwell which resorting him going to hospital at St Mary's Isle of Wight

While he was there they tried to help and make him well but he was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital, there he was cared for but became really unwell We were told he had that dreaded C word, which completely tore my heart out.  He was my soul mate and I could talk to him about anything, but he never judge me or made me feel bad, nine times out of ten he would just listen.   Any way we managed to get him back home and looked after him, but he became very unwell causing us to call an ambulance early morning, where upon he ended up at St Mary's where he finnaly could fight no more, So this is dedicated to DAD Donald Dudley a DAD a friend but more than that my soul mate. Sleep in peace DAD LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.


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