The Lottie Rann Charity

                                                      The Lottie Rann Charity

We were invited to The Spyglass Inn Ventnor Isle of Wight for the Lottie Rann Charity, this is for a eleven year old

That got meningitis twice this caused the young girl to be paralised from the head down.  The islanders have been great getting together and raising over eighteen thousand pounds (probably more now) we were at the Spyglass Inn also for their twenty fifth year, and we have never ever had such a wonderful time, helping raising monies. If you ever get a chance go to The Spyglass Inn Ventnor, believe me if your hungry you will not be when you leave the meals are big even I could not eat the main meal. 

Anyway the reason we were there was for Lottie I met Lotties Nan and we gave Meg a T Shirt with her name on, The days had so much entertainment you just did not know which way to turn.

So to every-one at The Spyglass Inn Ventnor a very big THANK-YOU hope to do more charity work with you in the future.

Lastly THANK-YOU to Meg and Steph and the Spyglass Staff.  Take care cause we care